Top 25 Digital Marketing Courses In Mumbai

Top 25 Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai | Digital Chandan Thakur
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Top Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai Fees & Placements

Are you looking for the best digital marketing course in Mumbai? If yes, you are on the right page, as you can get all the details about the digital marketing course here. Digital marketing has gained a lot of demand in the past few years, and it has evolved rapidly with technologies, techniques, frameworks and a lot of things to learn and explore. This made it important for the majority of people to become more curious to understand digital marketing and dig deeper into it. Digital marketing is a practicality field that is designed for anybody who is looking to sell their product or services online in the new digital area currently; any marketer who is not trained in digital marketing is going to lose out on the great influences in the world today, and they can also lose out on the customer base.

In the past few years, India is experiencing a great digital revolution where some businesses are going online. Considering the demand for digital marketing, it is important for every person to have some digital skills so that they can completely strive in this market. If you are a student looking to check up on your career in marketing, then you must realize that you cannot withhold from digital marketing as the world is digital and digital marketing is here to stay. No doubt traditional marketing still here existent, but the future is digital marketing, and that is the only reason several digital marketing institutes are cropping up globally.


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Things you should consider while choosing a digital marketing course in Mumbai are mentioned here

There is no definite answer to this question about how you can choose the best digital marketing course. It is because the course will depend on your objectives and specific needs. But there are some tips that you can consider while choosing the right course.

Consider your experience and skills

If you are completely new to digital marketing, then consider the beginner-level course. On the flip side, if you have some experience in digital marketing with web development or online advertising, then you can go for an intermediate-level course.

Consider checking the qualifications of your instructor

Firstly, you must understand that not all digital marketing instructors are the same, and you have to ensure that you do some research on the qualifications part of the potential instructor before you sign up for the class. For instance, if the instructor is certified by Google or any other reputable organization, then what he offers and how much experience he has. You must check all these factors before you make any decision.

Check your schedule and budget

Some courses would be offered throughout the week or even month, while others are just offered during some specific time of the year, like summer or winter courses. You must also check how much money you would like to shell out on your course and other related expenses, including books and materials. Do some research to get an idea of the average expenses before you make any final decision.

Ask yourself what type of learning environment you like

before you make any decision, you have to ask yourself what kind of learning environment you really enjoy. Some people really like hands-on learning experiences, like where students and teachers work together on one project, while others like theoretical approaches which emphasize the theoretical over the practice. You must check your requirements before you join any course.

Below is the list of the top 25 digital marketing courses in Mumbai Fees and Placments

Institute Fees Duration Website
DGmark Institute
3 Months
4 Months
4 Months

1. DGmark Institute

DGMARK institute is one of the leading digital marketing institutes for digital marketing courses in Mumbai. It offers the best digital marketing courses in Andheri and digital marketing courses in Borivali. The main objective is to teach young people the skills that they need and prepare students to move up their ladder of career. Above all, the course also aims to make you financially independent. The institute is focused on the development of students, and the major objective is to help students improve their future. Furthermore, you can choose any of the programs which align with your needs, like offline digital marketing courses, digital marketing corporate training, online digital marketing course or any other certification courses which are available with the institute.

The best part about choosing this institute is that the teachers here are completely well-trained and hardworking and will help you achieve all your objectives. You can expect customers’ digital marketing courses also from the institute as we have some special courses for job seekers and business owners. Besides Mumbai, the institute also operates in Surat.

You would be wondering why you should choose DGMARK institute. Well then, you need to know that the institute Offers 100% advanced digital marketing courses. Additionally, the digital marketing courses here are completely practical as students work on live projects to get better experience in the industry. You cannot just learn about digital marketing theoretically, but also you can learn about how to implement the skills that you are learning. The institute has only a single batch of ten students so that the instructor can focus on all the students. Domain hosting will also be provided by the institute to create a website. Students can create their own website when they choose this institute, and from day one, students will be learning digital marketing while creating their online presence.

DGMARK Institute also has a sister concern where students would be sent after the course for internship. Here the students improve their skills by working on different campaigns. Students can become industry ready after three months of internship. There is also a dedicated placement team that will support students in building their resumes. You can expect 100% placement with the institute.


Address- Goregaon (Mumbai), Andheri (Mumbai), Borivali (Mumbai), Mira Road (Mumbai)
Email Id– info@dgmarkinstitute-com
Phone no– +91 9321990570

DGmark Institute
3 Months
A2Z 30+ Major Modules
Batch Timing
Mon to Fri - Daily 2 Hours
Batches Available
[10am-12pm] [12pm -2pm] [2pm-4pm] [4pm-6pm] & [6pm-8pm]
Goregaon (Mumbai); Mira Road (Mumbai); Andheri (Mumbai); Surat (Gujarat)
Job Placement
100% Placement Assistance
Placement Record
100% Placement Record in 2022


Indian institute of digital education is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai. The institute has trained more than 15,000 students enjoyed three years, and it is surely one of the fastest-growing digital marketing institutes in the country. It is possible due to the incredible student learning experience. The faculty has compelled several students to join their institute as it comprises Co-founders and industry experts of the top digital marketing agencies.

The students learn in classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technologies on the student-friendly campus. The institute is also a great practitioner of practical learning. Students can master all the digital concepts through assignments on the live brands after all the modules. Later the assignments are presented by the students to the industry experts, where they will receive valuable insight. The insights will help the students mold themselves into skilled working professionals in the near future.


3. TBS Digital Marketing Training Institute

The institute was established back in 2007, and it is one of the leading digital marketing institutes present in Mumbai. The institute focuses on offering the best possible industry-relevant knowledge and practical experience in digital marketing experience. Once the students are enrolled, they can get hands-on experience in digital marketing, and they can work on the live projects industry organised certification and 100% job placement.



Digital marketing training institute offers full-time and part-time digital marketing courses in Mumbai, and it is specially designed for people who want to do more in this field of digital marketing. The institute is committed to helping marketers to understand the core of digital marketing and encourage them to reach the best possible.


5. Lipsindia

The institute looks forward to bridging the gap between the existing educational framework and what is evolving for the business yesterday. It is mainly because of the broad experience team of professionals from leading institutes like IIT and aim. The institute offers perfect training models that benefit not only the individuals but also the industry at the same time. The experts here understand the evaluation importance of the Internet, and they also understand the increase in mobile and how organizations can benefit from growth. This institute is known as one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Mumbai.


6. Operating Media

The company provides a great overview of various elements of digital media and how you can integrate all the elements across various roles and disciplines. It provides great insights into the market years and how to apply the latest technology in the best conceivable way. You can learn how to manage, plan and execute successful digital marketing strategies.


7. Freelancers Academy

Freelancers Academy is one of the leading digital marketing training Academies, which has earned a great reputation for providing the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai. More than 20,000 students have joined the course in the past and have been provided with good knowledge. Besides Academy, the institute also has an in-house marketing agency which will train you to get hands-on experience on live projects. The curriculum is updated regularly to incorporate the best methods and techniques in digital marketing so that students can thrive in the ever-changing industry. Students can also get excise to 48 HD short pre-recorded digital marketing videos, which they have access to lifetime. The institute will help students build a career in digital marketing, and the best of all is that there are both weekday and weekend programs available. In Mumbai, they have three centres which are in Andheri thane and Vashi Navi Mumbai.


8. Optron Academy

If you are looking forward to launching a successful career in the digital marketing industry, then Optron is your best bet. You can get excellent training in digital marketing here. All the experts are well-trained, and they can help you with digital marketing course, which includes Google AdWords, search engine optimization, PPC, search engine marketing and web analytics. You can also learn everything about lead generation techniques while you join this course.


9. Digital Scholar

You should check out digital scholars’ digital marketing program if you are looking for an online digital marketing course. The institute offers a great digital marketing course that follows agency styled approach. It follows a practical approach and focuses on digital marketing all around. The course has at least 80 hours of content and gives students the opportunity to train with some of the top names in the digital marketing industry. Besides placement assistance, the students also can work with agencies and be mentored by experts.


10. School of Digital Marketing

School of digital marketing is one of the top digital marketing institutes in Mumbai, having several positive reviews, feedback and ratings online for digital marketing courses from the students who have already completed their courses. The institute offers 100% job placement, and you do not have to pay any fees. First, you can attend the demo lecture, and then you can decide whether you want to join the institute or not. Furthermore, you need to know that students can get excellent classroom training here, and they will be trained by Google-certified experts. The industry-leading faculties will guide students step by step about digital marketing concepts and let them know how they can create a successful digital marketing campaign.


11. Edu Pristine

This institute was established back in 2008 and was founded by four industry professionals from great MNCs, including Standard Chartered Goldman Sachs Accenture and S&P. it is one of the leading finance training providers and digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai, which is trusted by at least all Fortune 500 companies. It is considered an important destination for students looking to learn marketing with a network of alumni, as the institute offers flexible, self-paced learning options.


12. Learning Catalyst

The institute is the best in Mumbai, and it offers top-notch training for students who are looking forward to building a career in digital marketing. It includes digital programs which serve wide individuals with marketing design and tech backgrounds. The institute is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai that offers the course with a cost-effective price range.


13. Compufied

It is a computer institute that was established in 1985 and offers different digital marketing courses today in Mumbai. The best part about this institute is that they offer flexible training for digital marketing and other courses in Mumbai. Students can fix their own training sessions at their own pace. Anybody who wants to get expert training should check out this institute and get a depth idea about the curriculum offered.


14. Proideators

The institute has created great course programs, exams and lab projects that help professionals. Once you join this course, you can expect to build a career and create dynamic leadership while getting empowered through learning.


15. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 experts are completely well-trained, and they have worked on different media platforms. The institute has the vision to develop innovative and analytical skills in its students to help them face marketing challenges.


16. Henry Harvin

It is one of the leading institutes that looks forward to educating young people. It makes shares to develop the requisite skill sets, train the students to advance in their careers and help them in achieving their financial objectives. The organization also focuses on professional growth besides its central vision to add value to any student’s potential.


17. Northstorm Academy

It is another outstanding institution which offers a great digital marketing qualification course. Over the past few years, it has trained 62,000 students with great digital skills. The institute also provides the students with hands-on training on live assignments, which are taught by leading industry experts. 100% work placements are also offered by the institute.


18 Digifine

Digifine Digital Education Institute in Mumbai is one of the top institutes providing digital marketing courses and giving live training and placement for students.



Digital marketing has become one of the most important parts of the marketing landscape. The demand for digital marketing professionals is constantly increasing. As a result, the need for digital marketing courses has also increased to a great extent. Learning digital marketing will provide anybody with a boom. So, if you are looking for a digital marketing course in Mumbai, then you can refer to the institutes mentioned above, as they are your best bets for learning digital marketing. These institutes offer best-in-class digital marketing training, and some of the institutes also offer a free demo so that you can take your time and then choose the institute. Digital marketing has taken the world by storm, so don’t think twice before booking your seat for the upcoming digital marketing courses with the leading institutes.

Common questions were asked about Digital Marketing.

What is the course fee for Digital Marketing in Mumbai?

Fees for a Digital Marketing course in Mumbai range between INR 25,000-50,000 depending on the Institute.

What are the eligibility requirements for Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is open to anyone, regardless of their field of study, whether it is commerce, arts, or science.

After completing my 10th or 12th grade, can I pursue this career?

It is possible to pursue this career after your 10th or 12th grade

What is the salary offered to Digital Marketer?

Digital marketers are paid a good amount of salary for both freshers and experienced professionals. With more experience, you can expect a higher salary.

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